Pecan Pie Blondies

I love everything pecan and pecan pie is up there with the best of them. This blondies version just goes up a notch with the addition of white chocolate. It just gets better and better. Originally a recipe from Baking Heaven, it’s a classic Pecan Pie flavour with delicious cinnamon and vanilla. The glaze to finish is a touch of genius so don’t leave it out.

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Popcorn Caramel Brownies – Gluten Free

This is not for the fainthearted! It’s rich, decadent, luxurious, delicious and quite sinful. But it’s oh so worth it! Originally I saw a video from Dr. Oetker showing how to make this and managed to get the ingredients listed and method tested to get a result. Oh and did I mention it’s gluten free?! Yes indeed you won’t believe it but it is!

If you like your chocolate very rich and full on then use all dark chocolate or for a slightly less full on chocolate effect, you can opt for half dark and half milk. If you only use milk chocolate, it will probably be too sweet when combined with the caramel layer.

There are a couple of options with the ingredients if you can’t get the original ones and they all worked for me so that makes things a little easier. It’s not a complicated recipe but is made in stages so you need a little more time.

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Oat & Blueberry Cookies

In no time, bake a batch of these lovely soft and slightly chewy cookies using fresh or dried blueberries. They are full of oaty goodness and I’ve reduced the sugar substantially from the original recipe. They still taste lovely! If you like, you can drizzle melted white chocolate over the top of each cookie for a very pretty display.

For a change, why not add dried cranberries, sweet sultanas or raisins and keep everyone happy. When using these dried fruits, I find they are plenty sweet enough so the need for processed sugar is not required.

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Chocolate Orange Cookies

There’s a lovely baker called Jane who adores anything that has the combination of chocolate and orange and she regularly uses Terry’s Chocolate Orange to create wonderful recipes! I find Jane’s Patisserie a great source for those recipes that tend to create lasting memories and her Chocolate Orange Cookies are certainly one of those!

They are a wonderful combination of crispy edge and soft, chewy centre and are seriously, seriously good! I bought a second box so I could place a wedge on top of each cookie but that’s up to you. They do add something very special to the finished product though ….

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Nutella Chocolate Traybake

I’ll give you a little warning before you make this cake. It’s rich, it’s full on and it’s for true chocolate lovers. It’s really gooey and has a surprise centre of soft, creamy Nutella just for extra decadence!

I make this recipe in a baking tray so it can be cut into squares to share out.

You need 16 tablespoons of Nutella and it’s easiest to spray the measuring spoon with some oil beforehand to make it simpler to measure out without ending up covered in sticky Nutella 🙂

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Cherry Shortbread Hearts – Gluten Free

gluten free shortbread, shortbread hearts, gluten free biscuits, cherry biscuits, gluten free cherry biscuits, cozebakes

Tried out these gluten free shortbread hearts as they looked so delicious and gluten free shortbread can be difficult to get right. A few things needed to be adapted to get it right but after that, they worked really well and are totally delicious and addictive!

They don’t have to be heart shaped but they do look just lovely like this and are a great gift to box up and give to someone you love.

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Iced Lemon Traybake

This is a recipe from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. It’s a traybake which always work so well when you have a crowd or when you have to transport your bakes as they can be left in the tin till ready to serve.

You get the lightest, just like pieces of lemony clouds once you follow the steps. It’s a very simple recipe which has never failed to go down really well. The topping originally is a lemon flavoured icing but if you prefer, make up a drizzle with caster sugar, heated with a little water to which you add the zest of a lemon and spoon over the top of the still warm sponge. Deelish!

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