Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

These cupcakes have a great surprise once you take a bite! Nice chunks of chocolate orange pieces throughout and this adds such a special touch. They are topped with an orange flavoured buttercream and I used the Golden Yellow from the Wilton Gel Dye range to get this shade.

The recipe is originally from Jane’s Patisserie and I’ve changed a couple of things and the method to get a perfect result each time.

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Fruit & Berry Muffins

These are a great way to get a burst of fruit and healthy berries in the morning and they have no added sugar. A great low fat option also for those “on the run” times you can’t stop.

I used a pack of dried “super berries mix” and some sultanas. It’s up to you what you use but dried fruit will probably give better results. You can add some fresh blueberries for a nice burst in a bite 🙂

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Iced Lemon Polenta Mini Cakes

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A very delicious gluten and wheat free recipe full of gorgeous lemon flavor and topped with a fabulous lemon icing. These Iced Lemon Polenta Cakes look so dainty and lovely. Topped with an edible viola each, you will have a perfect Afternoon Tea treat for you and your guests.

They do have a more crunchy texture due to the polenta and some people find this different but it’s a good different 🙂

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Hot Cross Bun Cupcakes

When I read this recipe from Baking Heaven, I was really happy to see that you don’t need yeast to make them so you still get all that lovely Hot Cross Buns flavour but a much lighter result and if you have issues with yeast like I do, then you don’t miss out either 🙂

I used baking cups but you can also use cupcake cases and you will need a piping bag and plain nozzle to get the cross effect on the finished cupcake. If you don’t have them, use a sandwich bag and cut a small piece off the end.

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Gluten Free Fruit Scones

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I’ve tried a couple of gluten free scone recipes and although they have turned out okay, okay is not what you want when you eat a scone. You want the “Mmmm” effect, the light and delicate taste that all scones have and this recipe delivers! I’ve made them a traditional fruit scone but of course you can leave out the mixed fruit and have a plain scone or add herbs for a savoury one.

Adding almond flour gives these scones a lovely texture and flavour and just that something extra 🙂

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Iced Lemon Fairy Cakes

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I found this recipe in a magazine and as our house is full of lemon fans, I knew they would go down a big hit! These are fairy cakes, not muffins so remember to use the smaller paper cases.

They are very cute and very delicious and would look just as good at a children’s party as they would for an elegant afternoon tea. You can make the cakes ahead of time and store in an airtight container until you are ready to ice them.

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Best Scone Recipe

I’ve tried a few scone recipes and found this one and this method to be the most successful for me every time. Great big high scones are a pleasure to eat and this recipe is so easy to adapt so you can make different types of scones to suit your occasion.

Scones are really best eaten on the day they are made unless you freeze them and then you can pop them in a moderate oven for about 10 minutes to have lovely, fluffy perfect scones again. I’ve made the ones in the pictures here a Lemon flavoured scone with a Lemon Glaze but will give alternative flavour options for you to choose.

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