Orange Drizzle Cake – Gluten Free

This recipe originally called for a chocolate coating but it was so light and delicious that I felt it would have ruined it to cover it completely with chocolate and that you might miss out on the lovely citrus kick.

Now I know some of you may think I’ve lost the plot, there’s never a time chocolate ruins anything, but I would be very traditional when it comes to cakes and specially anything with citrus will always win out with me! So if you want, after you make this, see what you think. If you feel it would benefit from a chocolate coating, then by all means, melt and drizzle away. A few suggestions before you start baking:

  • Go for an extra citrus kick by using the zest of 2 oranges or one each lemon and orange
  • Make the cake dairy free by using almond, coconut or soya milk and dairy free spread
  • You could add a good handful of chocolate chips to the batter at the very end but fold gently


3 large eggs
6 tbsp milk
140g butter or margarine
190g caster sugar
Zest of one large orange
175g Gluten Free flour
1 tsp Xanthan Gum
1+ 1/2 tsp Gluten Free Baking Powder
50g Ground Almonds


Preheat oven to 170C (fan oven), grease and line a 2lb loaf tin or line with baking case. Leave an overhang for easy removal.

Beat together the eggs and milk together and set aside.

Using a hand held mixer, beat the butter and caster sugar along with the orange zest till it’s light and fluffy. As I always seem to say, this is where you want to give it a little time to get in lots of air so your cake will be lovely and light.

Gradually add the egg and milk mixture, beating well after each addition.

Sift together the flour, xanthan gum, baking power and ground almonds in a separate bowl and gently fold them into the wet mix.

Spoon into the prepared tin and level off with the back of a metal spoon.

Bake for 50 mins approximately. Check it springs back when lightly pressed or use a cake tester. It should come out clean.

While baking, prepare the Drizzle: Mix 3 tbsp. of orange juice with 50g caster sugar until it’s dissolved.

Leave the cake in tin for a few mins, then remove and peel away parchment paper. Place on a wire rack with a piece of parchment under to catch the drizzle. Use a skewer to pierce holes gently in the cake and while still hot, carefully spoon the drizzle all over the cake so it’s absorbed. It will easily use up all the mix. Just do it slowly with small spoonfulls so it has time to soak in.

Leave the cake to cool completely on the wire rack before cutting. It tastes delicious the next day too! Wrap it in cling film to keep it fresh and keep it at room temperature, not in the fridge.

Bake with love

Soraya x


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