Oaty Apple Crumble – Can be Gluten Free

We love a crumble in our house and even though we add different things at different times, there’s nothing like the original, not messed with version to just put an “aaahhhh” in your belly! I make this gluten free for the coeliacs in my house by using gluten free flour and oats.

I’ve adapted the ingredients so they are perfect for 4 people and used a dish measuring approx. 20cm x 16cm. I’ve also reduced the original sugar content by over half. There won’t be any leftovers from this! It’s so easy to make, takes 10 mins to put together and 35 mins in the oven. Show everyone in the house how to make this and then let their creative juices flow.

Just double up for a bigger group to feed.

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Tea Brack (Wholemeal Spelt variation included)

I think it must be at least 25 years since a neighbour in our first home gave me this recipe. I have no idea where it’s from but as most Tea Brack recipes are similar to each other, this won’t be a big surprise but I can promise you a delicious result. There’s no sugar added here and no need either. Let the fruit add its natural sweetness.

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Coconut & Raspberry Loaf – Dairy Free

I’ve had this recipe in my virtual back pocket for a while now just waiting for the right time to make it. Everything about it just smacks of nostalgia, tea time, quaint vintage vibes and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

So when I joined a new group of lovely crochet loving ladies, I knew immediately what to bring along and it was perfect! The recipe yields a 2lb loaf size and it’s quite dense hence the loaf in the title and not cake. It calls for frozen raspberries which I always have in the freezer and I think the next one will be made using the bag of frozen mixed berries I have. It needs nothing more than a light dusting of icing sugar and that’s really only for a bit of extra flourish and why not!

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Gluten Free Apple Cake

This recipe originates from Jo Wheatley of Great British Bake Off fame. It’s a family favourite passed down from her aunt. As I live with a coeliac who loves anything with apple in it, I wanted to adapt this one so everyone could enjoy it. It worked out really well and is a very easy, straightforward and delicious cake. It’s crying out to be served with some custard or cream (your preference) and could be dressed up to make it a little bit special by adding a caramel topping.

There is another Apple Cake recipe on cozebakes if you prefer to make that, just search for Apple Cake and it will show up 🙂

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Nutella Cookies – Gluten Free

We were given some shop bought cookies that are gluten free and I was so disappointed at the taste. It’s a pity this is what’s available to coeliacs as a treat. So I found this recipe and they are just the bomb. They really taste great and you won’t buy biscuits again after making these.

The mention of the word Nutella seems to send lots of people into raptures of how they eat it, how they love it and how delicious it is. All this is very true. Nutella is a jar of sheer luxury, decadence and total indulgence!

This is a quick and simple recipe for gluten free cookies using Nutella as the main ingredient. Adding an egg with an egg white gives them a touch of lightness that adds to their appeal.

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