Mint Crisp Big Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was shopping and saw there was a special offer on Cadbury’s Chocolate Mint Crisp bars and figured I could do something with them. The vote was between cookies or brownies and the cookies won plus they are great for gifting too.

I found this recipe which uses eggs and egg yolk and gives them a nice chewy texture with crispy edges and knew the mint crisp pieces would be perfect in every bite.

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Orange & Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

A simple and make ahead recipe that results in delicious shortbread cookies. They are melt in the mouth, buttery with the delicious addition of zesty orange and cranberry pieces.

The trick for perfect shortbread is not to overbake them. Take them out before they look “done” and you will have the perfect shortbread cookie.¬†The other great thing about Shortbread is that it requires no eggs so if you have an allergy, then this recipe is for you.

Originally the recipe was coated in caster sugar before baking but I changed it to Golden Caster Sugar just to give them a slight golden hue and an added flavor burst.

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Cranberry & Orange Loaf Cake

This is a delicious sweet orange flavoured loaf bread which is dotted with fresh cranberries and drizzled with an orange glaze to finish. It makes a great gift as it looks so pretty!

If you’re keeping it for yourself, you can omit the orange glaze but there is something quite heavenly about a slice with a burst of sweetness.

Even though it does take just over an hour in the oven, it’s so simple to make that you can busy yourself with something else while you smell the delicious aroma. It’s such a versatile recipe and can be used at breakfast, brunch, for a dessert … well you get the idea ūüėČ

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Biscotti Recipe

Biscotti are different from other biscuits in that they are baked twice so they dry out and are very crispy. Don’t let this put you off making them though as it’s a simple process just with¬†one extra step.

Traditionally they are dipped into dessert wine but are equally delicious dipped into a cup of coffee.  Once made, they will keep for a couple of months if you store them in an airtight container. Nice! They make ideal gifts to give as they look so lovely in a cellophane bag tied with festive ribbon.

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Chocolate Biscuit Cake Pudding

One of the most popular and ever prevailing recipes at Christmas is the chocolate biscuit cake and making it in a pudding bowl just adds a lovely touch and lets you decorate with fun, festive ideas.

You can make it in a bundt tin for something a little different or in smaller individual sized ramekins for a great gift idea. Using a plastic bowl means you only need the teeniest bit of greasing with a non flavoured oil just to help removal or if you’re using a tin, then you will need to line it with cling film.

This video was made in 2014 but I’m still making these as gifts so take a look at an easy way to get the “snow capped pudding” look :

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