Cinnamon Apple Cake – Gluten Free

I could wax lyrical about this amazingly comforting and delicious Cinnamon Apple Cake but it does all the talking for itself. Considering it’s a gluten free recipe, the lightness and moistness of the cake is such a welcome surprise.

I reduced the original sugar quantity as ground almonds are quite sweet and the totally delicious cinnamon sugar topping is heavenly and doesn’t need extra sweetness to fight with it.

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Cranberry & White Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies

These went down a real treat with all the tasters and disappeared very quickly. I made half the original recipe thinking it might be too many but next time, I’ll be making the full batch! They make an ideal gift too!

I froze about 6 of them just to see how they behave and what I found worked was to let them defrost and then give them about 5 minutes in a moderate oven (150C) – just gave them a fresh feel. Remember to put a piece of parchment between each cookies before freezing.

These cookies are pretty irresistible and it’s an easy enough recipe to adapt so you can add your own favourites to it such as pecans, macadamia or other nuts. You can leave out the white chocolate and add milk or dark chocolate. Lots of options to explore so definitely a keeper!

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Christmas Cake Recipe

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This Christmas Cake Recipe is one I haven’t tried before, it was adapted from an Odlums booklet, but it’s very straightforward, it has lovely ingredients and it worked out perfectly. Can’t really ask for more than that! There’s very little skill needed in putting together a Christmas Cake. The preparation and baking times are the key to a successful result!

The ingredients are listed as usual but do take a look at my video on making this cake for alternatives to suit your own taste. Also there was a little blip regarding the brandy but it worked out really well so it will be up to you what way you proceed. Take a look at the video before starting: – apologies if I go on a bit …. 😉

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Banana Walnut & Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Loaf

Such an easy and quick recipe to put together and enjoy with your morning cuppa or for a treat in the middle of the afternoon! Really do you need an excuse at all?? 😉

I’ve adapted the original recipe from the Good Food files as not everyone likes a strong banana flavour and I substantially reduced the sugar from the original recipe as ripe bananas are very sweet on their own plus the addition of chocolate chips make this plenty sweet for everyone’s tastes.

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flapjacks, oats, oat bran, snacks, healthy snacks, healthy baking, cozebakes

Soooo where do you start with Flapjacks? Everyone has a version and most are great. They are a handy “on the go” snack but can be laden with calories or fat so enjoy but don’t over indulge. They are a good starter to the day with their oats and dried fruit.

Traditionally you make Flapjacks with porridge oats but I have a fussy one in the house who has an issue with textures yet loves Flapjacks so I decided to use oat bran which produced a really nice bar and got a big thumbs up 🙂

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Chocolate & Banana Cake

If you like banana bread, you’ll really like this version of the traditional bake. It makes a good loaf cake that’s easy to transport and it’s a good way to introduce people who may not like bananas that much as the banana taste isn’t too strong.

It makes an amazingly moist cake, probably due to the addition of oil plus beaten egg whites and it can be decorated lots of ways to suit your occasion. It’s lovely on it’s own, or drizzled with white chocolate but if it’s for something special, you can make the suggested icing and decorate with dried banana chips.

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