Chocolate Nutty Caramels – Gluten Free

I should probably apologise for adding this recipe but it’s so good that I think you will actually thank me. Your hips may not, but one piece won’t be that bad *cough*. It’s a delicious nutty caramel layer which sits on a decadent brownie base.

The only thing to watch out here is that you can’t let the caramel burn or it will taste awful. You have to just give it the time it needs without interruption – about 15 minutes – and all will go well. So get a magazine or whatever you need to keep you stirring for the time required.

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Chocolate Meringue Roulade – Gluten Free

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A great recipe to make beforehand and depending on the filling, can be frozen and let defrost when needed. I made a buttercream filling and kept it in the fridge overnight but it would be perfect with cream and the addition of your favourite berry swirled through. If you choose cream, then it would need to be eaten on the same day.

It’s relatively simple so don’t be afraid of the rolling. No meringue roulade is ever perfect or free of cracks so go ahead and roll away for your own special version of this classic dessert. The bonus of course is that there’s no flour used so it’s a perfect gluten free recipe.

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Egg Yolk Sponge Cake

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A really simple and very handy recipe to have. Make it beforehand and keep in the freezer. This cake will bring you back to your childhood with the beautiful aroma! If you are following a butter/margarine free diet, then you can enjoy this cake with no worries.

It uses egg yolks and not the whole egg which is handy when you may have made pavlova and similar recipes and you’re not sure what to do with them. I make this sponge cake regularly and then freeze it. It doesn’t take long to defrost and always tastes perfect. A great one to have on standby for unexpected guests. Jam and a dusting of icing sugar is all you need.

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Honeycomb Ice Cream

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Another recipe from the fabulous Mary Berry. A simple and easy no churn ice cream recipe with totally delicious results. The honeycomb takes a little bit of attention but it’s quite straightforward really if you follow the step by step instructions and really makes this ice cream recipe a bit special.

It will keep in the freezer for a month (won’t last that long 🙂 ) and softens quite quickly once taken out. You can keep some of the honeycomb to decorate on top if you like. Perfect to finish off a dinner party, or for a BBQ or any occasion really. So far, I haven’t needed an excuse 😉

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Vanilla & Chocolate Marble Cake

I do love a marble cake. They are so simple and yet always make an impression when cut. Each slice has a different pattern and I love that the result always looks so good yet takes only a little bit of effort.

This recipe is taken from one of Mary Berry’s books and once you follow her recipes to the letter, they never fail.

For this recipe, there’s a chocolate coating which is then decorated with melted white chocolate but if you wanted to keep this cake for a simple slice of loveliness with your daily cuppa, just leave it undecorated. It’s moist and will still be delicious!

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Gluten Free Strawberry Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

I wasn’t sure about making these as strawberries can misbehave when baking and become mushy and unpleasant to eat but this recipe proved to be the exception and got thumbs up from everyone, even non gluten free tasters. It simply is a delicious recipe and the pretty pink frosting really finishes them beautifully. I like them without the frosting and they would be perfect for breakfast or a mid morning treat this way.

Decorated with pink frosting, fresh strawberries and freeze dried strawberries, they make a perfect tea party addition. You would not know these beauties are gluten free as they turn out so light and fluffy.

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